The Salone Satellite 2015, the section of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in which every year works and projects by international designers under 35 are show, presents : “Landscapes & Stalactites”by Gupica, the trade mark of art designer and wall painter Gunilla Zamboni, a project is inspired by water as energy for life. “Stalactites” is a collection of modular furniture, resembling icicles in shape and made of square based parallelepipeds designed and vertically assembled.

The environment is completed by the “Landscapes” collection, fabric wallpaper of landscaped scenic designs created by Gunilla Zamboni and printed on fabric, that tells of an hybrid nature and hints at an imaginary landscape.

In “Stalactites” Gunilla Zamboni reveals her fascination with one of the many of nature’s masterpieces; the ice stalactites that are born from water in strange and wondrous shapes. An homage to the ever flowing water, the life giving element that changes, freezes, melts and nourishes the Earth. Gunilla Zamboni tackles the subject of climate change, investigates the role of glaciers within our ecosystem and through design tells of its shapes and beauty.

The “Landscape” series of naturalistic wall designs are inspired by the iconography of landscape paintings and frescoes of the 19th Century and by the arcane fascination that vegetation inspires. Both collections are set in a space where ancient and modern styles are intertwined in a contemporary way. A quintessential reinterpretation of the Gupica Style, derived by a constant attention to research, experimentation and craftsmanship.

Gunilla Zamboni . Mural painter, art designer and interior decorator . Born in Bologna in 1980, she lives and works between Italy and France. Upon obtaining her degree in Modern Foreign Languages & Literature from the University of Bologna and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Gunilla began to collaborate with many contemporary art galleries in Paris. She continued to study in Florence, focusing on the art of fresco and mural painting, eventually completing her studies at the École d’Art Mural de Versailles, in France, with a masters degree in Peintre en Décor. She specialized in interior design at IED, Istituto Europeo del Design, Milan.Gunilla worked with Italian and French masters, honing the secrets and techniques of decorative painting and decoration tout-court.In 2010 the artist founded Gupica, a private atelier bringing to life the decorating projects of her clients; residential and commercial spaces such as palaces, villas, castles, apartments, lofts, terraces and showrooms. Her method of working is based on three main guidelines: research, artisanal handcrafted and contemporary experimentation.Gunilla loves to create objects that strike the right balance between sophistication and simplicity. Drawing and reflecting upon the concept of the space in relation to the assembly of its materials.The artist is particularly fascinated by symbols and the messages they transmit, drawing inspiration from literature, history, mythology and natural beauty.

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