The Scottish Gallery is delighted to present its first ever contemporary Hungarian glass exhibition, which has been curated by Attila Sik from Prisma Gallery, Birmingham. Cutting-Edge showcases 16 contemporary Hungarian glass artists, representing both emerging makers and established artists such as Zoltan Bohus and Laszlo Hefter, some of which have never exhibited in Scotland.

There is a broad range of technical skill and innovation within this exhibition as well as a wide variety of expression from abstract to narrative works, which combines both traditional and new technologies. Cutting-Edge aims to highlight the diversity of the field and explores the unique properties that makes Hungarian glass so distinctive and on a par with the best of Czech, Italian and Scandinavian glass. This exhibition therefore offers a unique opportunity to engage with a range of high end work from Eastern Europe.

“One of the highlights of a Glass Association trip to Vienna and Hungary in 2013 was an exhibition of studio glass, made all the more special by the presence of many of the glass artists themselves. It was only later that we realised the exhibition – beautifully lit and displayed – was laid on especially for us, for that one evening. There were some very experienced collectors in the group, but there was no doubting the excitement at the sheer magic of the glass on display, and at the skill and artistry that went into its creation. So I am delighted that The Scottish Gallery, always such a supporter of studio glass artists, and Attila Sik, who arranged our visit to Hungary, have collaborated to bring this exhibition of the country’s wonderful glass to Edinburgh.” Dr Jill Turnbull