This May, LA-based design studio, Sean Knibb, is proud to unveil Casa Canova, an exclusive collection of white Carrara marble tables sculpted by Italian artisans on view at ICFF in New York from May 16 – 19, 2015.

The collection will feature an edition of six individual tables including the t-shirt and jeans shorts designs presented at ICFF for the first time. Four more installments will debut later this year. Produced in two distinct stages, the initial forms are designed by Sean Knibb in his studio in Venice, California, and then translated, carved by hand, into marble in Carrara, Italy. Using classic techniques derived from the 18th century, the meticulous craftsmanship requires over 700 hours of work for each individual piece.

Casa Canova explores the aesthetic history and essential functionality of design. Carved into their marble surfaces are hyper-realistic renderings of t-shirts and jeans. The unblemished white stone and smooth idealized forms reference the visual language of classical antiquity. In juxtaposing its ordinary subject with this illustrious aesthetic, the collection engages themes of urbanization, commodification, and consumerism. The tables imbue venerable elegance into the articles of contemporary life.

“Working in landscape design for over a decade has inspired me to focus on the uncommon and overlooked objects or materials,” said Knibb describing his design process, “To me, it is the simple and unpredictable that are most challenging to achieve – and makes the greatest impact.”

Knibb Design looks to redefine our traditional understanding of contemporary art as architectural pieces. For over a decade, Knibb has been working with unconventional items and experimenting by implementing them in unexpected ways, which elevate them beyond their humble forms. Most recently, Knibb applied these notions when designing The Line Hotel in Los Angeles for Andrew Zobler of the Sydell Group. It was at The Line Hotel, where he first explored repurposing T-Shirts by installing intricate ceiling frescoes in the hotel's lobby.

The table measures 72” in diameter and weighs approximately 770 lbs. (350 kg). The base of the table is available in three colors: natural wood, white, and grey. Custom sizes are also available on request.