Being somewhat of an aesthete myself, I cast a somewhat critical eye on every environ I encounter and those within them. I seemed to have met my match when I encounter the marvellous Linda Plant.

For Ms Plant, renowned all over the world from Palm Beach to Paris for her taste and elegance, has parlayed her flair into a unique business. Her interior design company, Homerun has become synonymous with modern classical chic and top to toe execution for the great and the good. Her number being on speed- dial for the busy and illustrious.

When I meet Linda she is full of charm, grace and effortless style. Not only does she know about design, but she understands the needs perfectly of her clients – because she is her own client. Overloaded with work and social commitments and amongst the international jet- set, Linda just ‘gets it’.

Having had a long and successful career in fashion has certainly informed her design aesthetic as has her many travels from all corners of the world. Fortunate to have her spare a few moments with me I had the chance to interview her during a short holiday in Forte dei Marmi, Italia.

Linda, please tell me what motivated you to get into interior design and to start Homerun?

Starting Homerun really came as second nature to me – I spent the majority of my career working in fashion so have always had a flare for design, and started up my first venture in my late teens. Launching Homerun gave me the opportunity to draw from my experience in business as well as my days in the world of fashion. I saw a gap in the market and was ready for a new challenge.

What would you say sets your company apart from other interior design companies?

I have a niche business that caters for a busy clientele. We offer a complete luxury service within a limited space of time, with little need for involvement from the clients, themselves.

As a purveyor of all things ‘fine’, what is your idea of luxury?

“Luxury” is having something unique. It is not a brand name, nor is it a price tag – it is having something for oneself. For many, luxury is defined by the views of others – for me, it is entirely personal.

Do you find your taste ever at odds with the taste of your clients?

What makes Homerun work is our ability to quickly understand and adapt to the needs of our customers. I provide my clients with an elegant and bespoke finish fit for them, not for me. Differences are inevitable in this business – understanding those differences is what’s key.

You were the owner of a successful fashion company before. Have you always had secret passion for interiors?

Fashion and interior design are surprisingly similar – both our wardrobes and our homes are ultimately expressions of us as individuals. I was strongly influenced by many other forms of design during my time in fashion, so the move into interiors was fairly seamless.

The design world is ever- changing and often of victim of short- lived trends, yet your aesthetic seems classic but with a comfortable dose of modernity. How do you avoid getting caught- up in the ‘latest craze’ craze?

I don’t do crazes. I offer my clients an identity and style that seeks to outlast any current craze or trend. Despite my background in fashion, I am fully aware that a dress is for a season; a home is for life.

What inspires your design POV most?

I am most influenced by my travels. The vast majority of my clients are highly international – my first-hand exposure to so many different cultures has allowed me to draw from a wide range of design styles and ways of life.

Well thank- you doyenne of design for sparing some time for the readers of Wall Street International.