Mead Carney is pleased to present ‘Fallen’, the first solo exhibition of contemporary art and furniture design by Harry & Ben Tucker.

A mixture of futuristic and industrial aesthetics captures the visual essence of the design pieces created by Harry & Ben Tucker. Each individual work is produced through the use of reclaimed, authentic parts from decommissioned military and civilian aircraft.

Harry & Ben Tucker explore a variety of innovative ways to breathe new life into materials that were abandoned after having served their original purpose. Airplane fuselage, engine elements, wings, fuel tanks, exit doors and other parts are beautifully transformed into sleek furniture and interior design pieces; almost unrecognisable in their re-purposed forms.

The aspect of sustainability lies at the core of the innovative design. Tapping into the unused resource of discarded materials, Harry & Ben Tucker demonstrate that innovative design of the 21st century can fulfil more than just a decorative function.

They imagine a world where the necessity to live sustainably is not synonymous with a loss of indulgence, beauty and pleasure in everyday life. Therefore, the designers aim to deliver a range of products and experiences that elevate any previous notions of recycled or upcycled manufacture.

An inherent emphasis is placed on the originality and personality of their individual pieces. Each work handcrafted, the process of design and production is timeconsuming and meticulously detailed, as the designers constantly seek to push boundaries and create new and innovative ways to repurpose parts. The results are state-of-the-art pieces of furniture on the cusp of art and design, re-defining the line between utility and visual experience.

Harry & Ben Tucker’s inspiration combines design from the Art Deco movement of the early 1900s to Parisian craftsmen who created robust industrial furniture in the 1940’s to latter-day 21st century eco design. Fundamentally, the designers are inspired by a desire to combine exquisite design and craftsmanship with transparent methods of manufacture and elements of sustainability.