Hi there! I don’t know if you know this, but I have always had an appreciation and strong passion for the history of design and architecture. During my travels I have had the opportunity to collect rare and unique objects from all parts of the world. I am inspired by each piece: its history and the story it has to tell. This room is filled with a selection of objects whose origins range from ancient Egypt and Peru to mid-20th-century Scandinavia and 21st-century Brooklyn. I hope you enjoy exploring and imagining the histories and stories behind the objects that I have chosen.

This installation is an intimate and personal look into my design aesthetic, my living space, and the special objects that I have come to love. A few of my pieces are dotted around the room! I like to mix a modern feel with a rustic, antique look. I like the juxtaposition. Here an African mask sits near a wall unit designed by George Nelson and plates by Pablo Picasso share a tabletop with a modern Austrian tea set.

The Selects exhibition represents all the qualities I love and cultivate in my home. My home is my canvas for inspiration, a place where I generate ideas and learn. I’m always on the search for new, beautiful and interesting objects. And I’m always moving things around and switching things out so I have something new to look at and appreciate.