From the ancient Egyptians’ abstracted lotus to the iconic designs of William Morris, it is apparent that the appeal of floral imagery is timeless. Marcin Rusak’s Flora collection iterates upon this human impulse to incorporate the natural world in decoration by preserving, rather than representing, floral forms.

In suspending floral and vegetal matter within resin, Rusak allows the material to retain its authentic and genuine qualities. In the last couple of years he has developed two methods, which he calls Flora Perma and Flora Temporaria. Flora Temporaria produces a surface in which the flowers are completely submerged in resin reflecting an intriguing depth. Flora Perma machines the surface length-wise, resulting in fascinating cross-sections of flowers. These unique and complex surfaces mesmerize, recalling 17th century Flemish still life paintings while the overall piece remains grounded in its form’s simplicity.

Rusak’s work conveys a respect and admiration for the natural world, allowing it to reveal its own ephemeral beauty. In this sense, he represents a new generation of conscious creators, seeking to explore creative methods that expand our awareness of materials’ origin and future.