Experience the work of Parviz Tanavoli, acclaimed Iranian-Canadian artist, at the Aga Khan Museum! Three of Tanavoli’s sculptures — Poet in Love, 2009; Big Heech, 2014; and Tanavoli’s most recent work, Horizontal Lovers, 2016 — are now in display in the Aga Khan Park. This not-to-be-missed temporary installation marks the first time that Tanavoli’s Horizontal Lovers, sculpted entirely from bronze, is on public display for all to enjoy.

Horizontal Lovers is on display at the Aga Khan Park as of Friday, August 26. The remaining two sculptures were installed in mid-September, 2016.

Considered one of Iran’s leading artists, most well known for his bronze sculptures that are inspired by the art of calligraphy, Parviz Tanavoli is a pioneer of the Saqqakhaneh movement of the 1960s. The movement is recognized as the first school of Iranian modern art, with its associated painters and sculptors incorporating elements from Iranian folk art into their creations.

Throughout his six-decade career, Tanavoli’s work has been shown at museums around the world, including the Davis Museum in Wellesley, MA; the Tate Modern in London; the Grey Art Gallery in New York City, NY; and most recently, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.