Dermapoliesis is a nearby future utopia, an imagined place not linked to technology but instead to organic forms. It is a world with a new ora and fauna that self-produces its own processed materials to meet the needs of the day.

Though we currently live in the technological utopian design of the 70’s and 80’s, it is one that instills a dystopian vision of the future, where robots will take our jobs and arti cial intelligence will usurp our control. Matteo Cibic’s vision is the organic alternative.

Since the beginning of civilization, man has tried to subvert nature instead of harnessing the life forces that we do not wholly appreciate or understand – plants and animals with networked intelligence, emotion, the ability to communicate, regenerate, to taste and smell. In Dermapoliesis, Matteo hopes to inspire future scientists to study the organic, even reprogram the organic, in order to create new synthetic and organic materials and plants.

This is Matteo’s vision of the future – an organic environment that lives and grows, provides our furniture, clothes us and feeds us daily.