After a successful inauguration, the ZKR will open its second group exhibition, "Between Spaces", bringing together diverse artistic perspectives on urbanism, architecture and public space. The historical basis for the exhibition is the pioneering work of Gordon Matta-Clark (1943–1978). The New York artist revolutionised the practice of art in the public realm in the 1960s and 1970s, and to this day remains a source of inspiration to contemporary artists across many disciplines.

In the first part of the exhibition, the work of Matta-Clark is set against that of contemporary artists and artist groups. In the second part, the urban landscape of Berlin is brought into focus: Works by artists from the former GDR enter into a dialogue with standpoints of young Berlin-based artists. The focal point of the exhibition is the notion of urban space as the social, artistic and political hub of a society.

"Between Spaces" was realised in collaboration with external curators and the Kunstarchiv Beeskow.

Featured artists: Annemirl Bauer (DE), Sibylle Bergemann (DE), Simon Faithfull (UK), Antje Fretwurst-Colberg (DE), Brigitte Fugmann (DE), Raumlabor (DE), Gordon Matta-Clark (US), Isa Melsheimer (DE), Sabine Peuckert (DE), Andrea Pichl (DE), Marjetica Potrč (SI), KunstrePublik (DE), Tomás Saraceno (AR), Diana Sirianni (IT), Ursula Strozynski (DE)