In collaboration with Galerie Olivier Waltman, we are pleased to announce a Christmas exhibition around the theme “Design.” A group show staging 5 artists, working with different techniques, will take place inside the gallery’s walls and demonstrate how design and art are interconnected, sometimes indivisible.

Jorge Enrique’s abstract work is mixed with original wooden panel shapes that transform into “objects.” The artist covers these objects with paper prints of textures, scratching, painting, and epoxy resin. These lines and traces that intertwine in contrasted tints are layered and offer the spectator a sensation of depth. His designs consist of totems, sculptures, stalactites, and other diverse objects.

Alain Le Boucher’s light sculptures « luchrones » are both technological and poetic works. His works are at the intersection of design, sculpture and engineering. They do not fit in any categorisation. When we focus on the LEDs, only the sparkling choreography of the lights appears to the eye. If we look closer, we can discover that the structure of the sculpture is made by its own electronic components, displayed carefully in an aesthetical manner. Inspired by astronomy, classical music and mathematics, each shape and sequences of the sculpture is full of references and hypnotises the viewer.

Stephane Ducatteau’s inspiration is sometimes so geometrical that it transforms his design into a sculpture. At first glance, the square geometrical form appears to be only a sculpture until the real functionality is discovered to be a chair in which we can comfortably sit in. Working with steel, inox, concrete that he creates by hand, Stefan Ducatteau’s design is a beautiful craft.

Steven Dossou-Yovo’s 3D sculptures, hung on a wall, create the illusions of depth through the rough steel squares and painted steel diamond shapes. His work is not only aesthetically pleasing but also creates a kinetic experience. Where we can see objects in motion, there are only flat folded metal sheets soldered in superpositions. Bruno Helgen’s globes are simultaneously design and sculptural pieces. The teak root natural deformations are part of the object’s beauty, and make it unique. While the variations in the finishing are endless, its touchable quality, playing with textures of different materials, create a very playful and interactive work of art. Helgen’s globes are an original way to bring a touch of contemporaneity to a traditional and fashionable object.

Jorge Enrique was born in Havana in 1960. Lives and works in Miami. He studied at Alfred Glassel School of Art in Houston, Texas. His work has been exhibited in Europe and America. He is part of great collections such as Villa Datris Foundation and Raja Foundation.

Alain le Boucher was born in 1950 in Paimpol, France. He lives and works in Normandy. He graduated from Aix en Provence institute of art. He has been working on monumental works as public commissions for the cities of Reims and Bourges, France. His work has been exhibited in Europe, Asia and America.

Bruno Helgen was born in 1959 in Paris. He lives and works between Paris and Bali. He graduated from l’école Nationale des Beaux Art in Paris (France). His work is exhibited in Europe, Indonesia, and America.

Stephane Ducatteau was born in 1970. He lives and works in Normandie. First, he was an engineer before to take classes at les Beaux-arts de Paris. He studied wrought ironwork. His design has been shown in France, Italy, Canada, and USA.