Troubles de la croissance (der ursprung des pendels), a newly commissioned work by New Zealand artist Oscar Enberg is the latest to occupy Auckland Art Gallery's Edmiston North Sculpture Terrace.

This site-specific work transforms the North Terrace into a kind of rooftop utility zone, with its double chimneys seeming to funnel out energy from the working Gallery below. Caught among Enberg’s chimneys are a cast of other objects, which appear in a state of suspension.

Two of these are replicas of works once exhibited at the Gallery – Jean Arp’s Croissance (Growth), 1938 and Max Ernst’s Der Ursprung des Pendels (The Origin of the Pendulum), 1926 – and on the reverse of the far chimney a variety of clocks reference the Albert Park clock museum nearby. Working in this manner, reminiscent of the Surrealists’ evocative use of free association, Enberg constructs a fresh sculptural narrative.