LMAKgallery is pleased to present Zac Hacmon’s first solo exhibition in the courtyard, Afterlife. Hacmon uses architecture as a mediator and is interested in notions of the non-place: spaces without history or identity. The installation consists of three devices concealed by 4x4 inch white industrial tiles. Two of these forms are sealed with transparent glass and tilt towards the ground at a steep angle. The third sculpture, called Program 1, is equipped with 16 grab bars suggesting safety and security. Hacmon’s work does not harbor the efficiency usually found in architecture and object design. Instead, focusing on techniques and elements from both the old and the modern, he tries to create the “super-modern”, changing agreed upon ideas of necessity, functionality, and memory.

Hacmon’s forms react to the architectural surroundings of the courtyard. He works off of the urban grid and contrasts the setting with clean institutional shapes that challenge our understanding of form and sculpture. Adding to this disassociation Hacmon introduces translucent layers of color that give a false sense of depth and the notion of another dimension within the form. Making use of the primary colors Hacmon harps back at the core of form and function and re-interprets its perceived solidity.

Zac Hacmon (born 1981 Holon, Israel) is an artist based in New York. He is a recipient of the Rita Glasser Fellowship Award, the UJA-Federation of New York’s Rose Biller Endowment Fund Award, Unesco Aschberg Scholarship, and fellowships from Hunter College. Recent exhibits include SPRING/BREAK Art Show (New York, NY), Petach Tikva Museum of Art (Israel), Meet Factory Gallery (Prague, Czech Republic), Artsonje Center (Seoul, South Korea). He has had residencies at the Salem Art Works (Salem, NY), MeetFactory Studio (Czech Republic), MMCA National Art Studio in Seoul (South Korea). Zac received an MFA from Hunter College and a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (Israel).