Denise Scott Brown has shaped the development of architecture over the last 50 years. High time for the world's first extensive solo exhibition on the work of this 87-year-old architect, urban planner, educator, and writer.

Denise Scott Brown has been influencing architects and theorists worldwide with her projects, photographic research and books ever since the 1960s. Scott Brown is well-known, along with her partner and husband Robert Venturi (25.06.1925-18.09.2018), for her severe critique of a modernity that consistently dismisses contexts and history, but also joint creativity. Her 1972 university project on Las Vegas resulted in the legendary book Learning from Las Vegas, whose visual and social impact can still be felt today. Scott Brown’s designs and theories have, however, frequently been misunderstood. Today, as a younger generation is again ascribing to such complexities, her undogmatic formal vocabulary, her discrete interventions, but also her Mannerist escapades, are ripe for rediscovery.

The exhibition raises and promotes awareness of the ideas and influence of Denise Scott Brown by fitting an imaginary urban setting into the exhibition space at the Architekturzentrum Wien. The broad universe of this Grande Dame of architecture unfurls along urban façades and shop windows, with original objects, photographs, collages, quotations, plans and videos. The exhibition spans from her childhood in Africa and her extended study trips all over the world, through her famous photographic projects, her writings and ground-breaking studies, to her work as an architect and urban planner on four continents. Immerse yourself in ‘Downtown Denise Scott Brown’ and in a fascinating life and work!