Vito Nesta

Needle, thread, thimble. The tailor of love

18 MARCH 2014

"E sì ver’ noi aguzzavan le ciglia Come 'l vecchio sartor fa ne la cruna." ‒ Dante

As the difficult task of finding sharpening the view, a needle lost in a haystack that is often merely a matter of luck. With the right amount of irony and good fortune here comes the last and final piece of the potter tailor Vito Nesta.

And it is the needle, at the last, the most important, to close the tailoring collection of Vito Nesta: fundamental into the interaction between all other objects , which is essential and sovereign of this play set inspired by one of the own professions of our Country.

A single flower jar represented in all its glory in a now-iconic larger version in lacquered ceramic of three colors: gold, silver and copper, the most noble and representative ones.

The collection was created to give value to human relationships, social relations, to mend the ties of the home and join the thread of our affections, around the table.

So, with a backdrop of colours and ironic and figurative looking objects from the art of weaving, here ends the production of ceramics tailored signed by Vito Nesta.

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Text by Carlo Piras