Elisa Contemporary Art presents Zenscapes at The Design Studio in Bridgehampton, NY. The exhibit will open on May 20, 2014. It will run through July 7, 2014. This will be the first of three art exhibits and series of special events taking place this summer in Bridgehampton at The Design Studio.

Zenscapes is a meditative journey into the abstracted landscapes of artists from the East and West Coasts. Our three artists reimagine landscapes, seascapes and our surroundings. The viewer is guided into unknown, new places and worlds. The exhibit features the work of New York artist, Michele D'Ermo, Los Angeles Flow painter, Kimber Berry and San Jose Paper Constructionist, Michael Buscemi.

New York and East Hampton artist Michele D’Ermo melds together the land, water and skies in an abstracted way through rich colors and ambiant light. According to Michele, “Art and nature are so close together it is impossible to say what comes first. Nature allows me to rely on impulse – it is my teacher, but I allow for the mystery of art to unfold…To keep my work spontaneous and inventive, I try to draw upon what lies beneath normal cognition in an uninhibited way. Intuition draws from subliminal knowledge and allows the unfiltered, unfamiliar and unknown to enter my work.”

San Jose Artist, Michael Buscemi’s latest work was inspired by his trip to Tbilisi in Georgia. He was impacted by the mystic Caucasus Mountains and the undulating Black Sea, but most importantly moved by the wild whispers of the winds in Tbilisi. When he came back to California, he felt like it was all a dream. We are debuting “Your Path” a just completed artwork which is part the white paper collage series.

Los Angeles Flow painter Kimber Berry’s series “Plastic Gardens” is an exploration into our modern relationship with Nature. According to Kimber, “"I create a dialogue of the human condition and raise important questions about how we live with nature... How are we as a society going to create harmony and balance with the Earth?." Her artwork combines digitally manipulated photographs of paint, natural and plastic organic plants and flowers alongside and embedded into actual paint.

We will be hosting an artist reception on Saturday, June 14th from 4-7pm with Michele D’Ermo.

Kimber Berry

Kimber Berry is a Los Angeles artist, who is part of the "Flow Movement," a term coined by Art Critic (and curator) Peter Frank. Her artwork is vibrant and dynamic mixed media combining acrylics, resins and digitally altered photographs of her paint-strokes. As a native of LA, Kimber loves to blur the line between what is real and what is illusion. She has received a lot of positive attention from art critics and curators on the West Coast and has been featured in solo and group shows in New York, LA and Atlanta. Kimber was recently featured in the magazines Hamptons Cottages & Gardens, Ocean Home and Flaunt. She recently created an installation at Terminal 3 at LAX, which was live from April through December, 2013. She is also an artist member of the Artist Pension Trust.

Michael Buscemi

Michael Buscemi was born in upstate New York. As a young child, Michael traveled all around the country with his family. In 1986 they made their home in San Francisco bay area. According to California artist, Michael Buscemi, "I am always in search of the spontaneous forms that seem to spring from movement. I find myself always drawn to capture these forms as they emerge, caught in a moment of their evolution. I love the freedom of expression that occurs when a gesture made by me is translated through to the surface I am working with. When this works well, I am filled with an inner music, the beauty of something simple, yet complex appearing for the first time, being born out of no pre-conception.” We are thrilled to present his latest body of work: white rag paper collages. Michael started this series in 2012. Michael’s work has become part of collections throughout California, New York and Europe. His artwork was recently shown at 1stdibs@New York Design Center, a staging at 11 Riverside Drive in NYC and the Designer Showhouse of Westchester (in Scarsdale).

Michele D’Ermo

For New York and East Hampton artist, Michele D’Ermo, “My wish is that my paintings conjure an image that is timeless. My poetic sensibilities keep my paintings hovering between abstraction and representation. My work conveys a memory of a time and place into the present moment. Color is the most abstract force – it elicits light and light exists even within darkness. When I begin a painting I am not sure if it will be an explosion or an exploration. In the end, my style is loose and more painterly, one that walks the edge of abstraction then steps back to a more representational image. To keep my work spontaneous and inventive, I try to draw upon what lies beneath normal cognition in an uninhibited way. Intuition draws from subliminal knowledge and allows the unfiltered, unfamiliar and unknown to enter my work.” Michele’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout New York since 2002. Her artwork is in public and private collections including UBS Bank, HBO, 1stdibs and Chuck & Ellen Scarborough.

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