Unequivocally, to Londoners Tower Bridge is a building steeped in English history. But on 12th May the interior of the bridge itself embraced both global culture and also the future as it was filled with the vibrant sounds and colours of India, toasting the launch of the Brys Buzz building – an eco luxe residential development set to become India’s new landmark.

As the grey London rain drove heavily into the Thames and lanes of rush hour traffic honked and shuffled slowly forwards, from the vantage point of the Tower Bridge Walkways – the impressive glass and steel sided promenades that span the historic conduit – the outside world looked distinctly dismal. But inside the space was decorated in pink and gold, alive with the sound of sitars, the delicate aromas of Indian fusion canapés, the whirls and twirls of ‘light’ dancers and the clinking of champagne flutes.

The occasion, which had attracted a diverse but VIP crowd (ranging from distinguished business persons and investors, to socialites and authors – even the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea was spotted sipping a cocktail!) sought to introduce the Brys Buzz building to the UK market. Rahul Gaur is the man behind the Brys Buzz vision. Having been inspired by the luxurious 5 star hotels of Dubai such as The Armani and Burj Khalifa, he wanted to bring such aspirational living to his home country and set about designing and laying the foundations for the Brys Buzz. Towering 300 metres about the district of Noida (which Newsweek tipped as ‘India’s hottest City’) the development consists of 291 apartments, restaurants, spas and designer shopping – all in a building which seeks to push the boundaries not just of extravagance but also of eco-living. Brys Buzz interiors have the option also to be custom designed by Casa Tonino Lamborghini.

Mr Gaur said of his construction masterpiece ‘, I wanted Brys Buzz to be stunning but above all I wanted it to be an experience. It meant taking Brys Buzz to the epitome of experiential delight and offer what no building can even think of providing. Closer to birds, closer to clouds and closer to stars and the moon, it opens before you a stupefying world, a faint glimpse of what you may have had only in fairy tales…’. It was fitting that he chose to present the Brys Buzz to the UK market from Tower Bridge – from one iconic landmark to another – all that was missing was an Indian Summer!

For more information www.brysbuzzuk.com