Julia Muggenburg is pleased to present the first UK solo show by Danish artist Morten Skrøder Lund.

Skrøder Lund considers himself not to be a painter but as “someone who produces paintings”. His works are textured but reduced and with a rich atmospheric intensity. He uses bold constellations of colour and subverts the usual detached and calculated formulas of what is expected in ‘process painting’.

Skrøder Lund also deliberately removes any “narrative logic” and associations with what went before. Trying to rid his canvases of any clear depictions or rationale, keeping them knowingly disjointed and ambiguous he has created a diverse language of his very own. Skrøder Lund’s conceptual way of working highlights the process of production and tries to free itself of all intentional sentiment. Every work has a unique character and often the artist gives up control and leaves the creative process to chance.

The artist uses unusual and experimental methods to mark the canvas as seen in a series of works where he applied paint to roller blinds or perforated his canvas with nails, to then allow paint to run through the holes, creating unexpected surfaces.

Skrøder Lund expands the tradition of ‘informel’ in a subtle way with his painterly instinct and unusual ways of application.

‘Wellbound’ will show a new body of works on canvas.