Laure Roynette gallery presents the next solo exhibition of Nicolas Tourte in Paris "Pete and Repeat" from 9 October to 15 November 2014, 20 rue de Thorigny 75003 Paris.

"Pete and Repeat Were in a boat. Pete fell out, Who Was Left? "

« With an economy of means and visual process development seemingly simple. Nicolas Tourte allow us enter immediately into his world where our benchmarks and codes are subtly altered. A Parallel and offset world where every detail counts world. Sculpture, installation, drawing, performance, photography, photomontage and video are the mediums he chose for transfigure the everyday. Mediums where he adds a technological and digital art. The video art plays an important role in practice, including the use of projection systems in space or directly on the selected objects. For animating scenes initially immobile. Indeed, on the rear window of a car is projected the image of a group of children, as trapped in the vehicle, screaming, struggling and seem to hit on the glass of instead, 2012; on a closed circuit where flowing violently the water of a river [A la loupe - 2012]. Multiplication and repetition, images loop projections, who turn in a hypnosis and blur our perception. Between reality and fiction, the artist makes an art of the offset where the improbable becomes as trivial. " - Julie Crenn

The contextual facilities of Nicolas Tourte asks a question with humor and derision of instead of man in the universe and the concept of virtual » Julie Crenn

"My work starts with a analysis on the zone of land in which I travel. During my travels in the world's forests, in the ordinary, around my cup of tea lying on my desk, above the microwave from a some moldy fruit forgotten, between the two sides of oven a door hinge where the grease oozes, I collect stories, still and moving images. I like to see, a detail to we pass and where we go back to the habit without return, give it a new status, that perhaps has already stimulated the collective unconscious. We then tell by looking at the result, "but yes, of course". "