Hello Natália and first of all, thank you for accepting to be interviewed by our team. It´s a great honor the have you here at WSI and I would like to start this interview by asking what is a day in the life of an artist from Lisbon?

Hi, the pleasure is all mine, and it´s I who is honoured to be here. My day is just like everyone else´s day, except for some routines that I cannot change. I live in the South Side of Lisbon, near the beach and I try to go everyday and see one of my inspirations - the Sea. Then I go to the other side of the river, arrive at my atelier and start my day painting. I try to paint every day (that´s why I have a huge collection of paintings here in Lisbon…)

Paining is my life, really, I don’t know what would I do if I was forbidden to paint…

20 years of Career, more then 70 exhibitions worldwide, excellent reviews on the artistic milieu, but the question is: do you have any ambitions in your career?

Of course I have (smiles)! I need to paint more and show my work to more people and get their opinion of it. Honestly, it´s not about fame or visibility, it´s more about the quality of the work. Being invited to some of the most beautiful cities in the world is for me, the best reward that I can have. For example, two years ago when I arrived to Australia and got a fully-booked gallery and sold half of the exhibition just at the vernissage was really good. Also being invited to represent the country in an institutional exhibition in Russia, France was also very good.

I see that you are heading to London, to one of the most well positioned and renown galleries in the UK, what are your expectations for this solo exhibition?

London is my city of choice, I love all of the English culture, the way they treat artists and art is really exceptional in the art scene.

Hay Hill Gallery is really an excellent gallery, I hope everyone in its proximity can visit the exhibition, since they will showcase some of my most iconic paintings along with some new that I have made exclusive to this exhibition which is called “Through a glass, Darkly” and is curated by Sarah Jones. From 29th September to 25th October

India is among your next exhibition stops, can you tell me how that came about?

India was an Iberia invite (Portugal and Spain). Last year I was contacted about being a part of the United Art Fair and to be in a bilateral cooperation with Portugal and Spain for this Exhibition. It will be a dream come true, since India is a country with a lot of talented artists and I hope to learn a lot from this experience.

I have read in some of the reviews about you, that you are unique and in a way ahead of your time, how would you explain this?

(Blushes) That is an opinion. I work hard everyday to leave my “mark” in the contemporary art, sometimes I’m not understood, I see that, but what can I do? I will not do the same as others do, I will not make all my paintings look just like theirs. They are all the same, just to get recognition. I’m an expressionist, an artist and I will do what my soul tells me to do, whether I’m understood or not.

You developed a new concept that mixes Atelier with the traditional gallery in Lisbon. This is really interesting, can you tell us more about it?

MeetiNG art gallery is my life! Everyone that can see me create my art, should come to Lisbon and see it. This is not unique to me in this world. I saw this in Miami and felt like I needed to have this concept. I have always an exhibition at the gallery, I also organize two major international exhibitions every year called Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition (in October) and Downtown Chiado (in February). So if you love art and you will be travelling to Lisbon, come and visit me.

What are your next projects?

I have a lot of new projects coming soon - a lot of exhibitions in the Orient will be happening in the next months, also I’m preparing some new stuff for my gallery in Lisbon, so the best way to know is to be linked to me on the social networks or through my website.

If a person wants to start a career in the arts what are your advices?

My Advice is: never give up. It will be very hard in the beginning, all doors are always closed but if you feel that this is your path in life, never give up.

For more information www.nataliagromicho.com