New works by Alan Cotton illustrate the bold natural wonder of Devon, Ireland, Provence, Piedmont, Cyprus, Morocco and Everest.

High colour keys and bold handling have always marked his work, but Cotton's most recent paintings further emphasise his mastery of oil and the knife-painting technique.

His relationship with oil paint is the key to his now immediately recognisible and internationally sought-after work. His understanding of the medium's allure, challenges and caprices translate into assertively textured, almost topographical landscapes that join impasto with atmospheric perspective.

The icy winds and the spiritual energy of an Everest base camp; the Hartland's jagged 'needles' meeting the spume of the sea; sudden cloud breaks and the piercing lemon light of an Irish sky; Mediterranean heat and haze each emerge through his various orchestrations of colour, texture and the knife’s turn.

Works are priced between £5,250 and £16,500 and a fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition (£15, plus postage).