In the solo show Insustentável Paraíso, André Komatsu (36) lends continuity to his recent research that resorts to errors, accidents and conflicts as a basis for presenting possible alternatives to systems widely inserted in contemporaneity.

This is what takes place in Esquadria Disciplinar 2, which employs a set of rules taken from logical systems such as mathematics, architecture and geometry, aiming to reveal the ambivalence of these systems and to question their effectiveness.

In the series (Re)forma Real, consisting of groups of old postcards, Komatsu interferes on the image of old and theoretically solid buildings, adding structural elements to them that point to the failure of the ideals that these buildings represent. The solo show also includes the series Falha Estrutural.

André Komatsu – Solo Shows (selection) “André Komatsu”, Galleria Continua, San Gimignano, Italy - (2014); “Corpo Dócil”, Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo, Brazil - (2013); “Concreto/Periódico”, Natalie Seroussi, Paris, France - (2010). Exposições Coletivas (seleção) “Do Valongo à Favela”, Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, “Beyond the Superquare”, Bronx Museum, New York, USA - (2014); “Interruption: The 30th Edition of the Ljubljana Biennial of Grafic Arts”, Ljubljana, Slovenia, “Future Generation Art Prize @Venice”, Pallazzo Contarini Polignac, Venice, Italy, “El Arte Contemporaneo de la X Bienal Monterrey FEMSA”, Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, Mexico DF, Mexico - (2013); “La escuela peripatética: dibujo itinerante de América Latina”, Galería Max Estrella, Madrid, Spain - (2012), “An Other Place”, Galerie Lelong, New York, EUA; “The Peripatetic School: Itinerant Drawing from Latin America”, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art [MIMA], Middlesbrough, UK - (2011); “Para ser Construídos”, Museu de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y Léon [MUSAC], Castilla y Léon, Spain (2010).