Alistair Taylor-Young is one of The Little Black Gallery's most popular and successful photographers. Following the success of his previous two exhibitions, The Little Black Gallery is now delighted, with the support of Domus Nova, to showcase The Best of Alistair Taylor-Young while introducing several new works.

"In an age when the world can be revealed in a click, Alistair Taylor-Young uses his camera to try to capture those impressions that evade easy definition." Conde Nast Traveller

Alistair Taylor-Young is a highly sought-after British photographer working between fashion, beauty, travel & luxury, while his artistic work is also highly acclaimed. His enthusiasm for experimenting with light and lenses give his work a poetic feel. He is best known for his advertising campaigns for Dior, Hermès, Lancome, Dunhill, Isabella Rossellini, Pierre Cardin, Fendi & Armani. His first book The Phone Book was published in 2010, and he had a sold-out debut exhibition at The Little Black Gallery in 2011, followed by another Holiday in 2012.