We've all noticed it, in the last 20 years the internet and its further developments have given us the opportunity to admire art and creativity from all over the world. Myspace first, then Facebook have pushed the boundaries of interconnectivity to a point of no return: if you are into a particular “something” you are certain to find someone like you at the click of a mouse. This creative horizontality, that allows all artists to confront themselves with real “stars” has pushed more youngsters into being more and more creative. Quite seldom this is visible in the real world.

The art world especially seems to be quite slow to accept this decay of hierarchies, especially since the “uniqueness” of the work of art is something very valuable, something that grows the zeros at the auctions. So what, if you feel your creativity, is threatened by the art market? And what, if you love contemporary art but your wallet doesn't let you come even come close to a commercial gallery? Well, Mail Art has been around for five decades now, and if you Google it you will find many ways of getting free art in the post – just exchanging it with yours. But recently artists have found other ways of getting their work around without the scary option of approaching a commercial gallery. Mail artist and all-round-creative Jennifer Kosharek (http://jenniferzoe.blogspot.it/ ) has been organizing “Free Art Fridays” events for a number of years now, jumping on and offline through and invisible local/global ladder.

The concept is simple: “artists create a painting, sketch, sculpture or installation and leave it in public places or on the street. The artwork can be picked up by anyone who wants it, and finders are invited to email the artist (artists include a website or email address on the art somewhere so finders can get in touch)” the Facebook page continues: “For the artist, it gives them a chance to create work uninhibited by the requirements of commerce, because art is so often attached to a need by the artist to “make a living” and it is affected by gallery and dealer issues. All artists whether producing static or removable art want to promote discussion. It is a good way for people to promote their art, and what is wrong with giving something away? Everything good that is given away comes back to you!” so if you happen to be around St. Petersburg, in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, check out on the floor around shopping malls and if you see something amazing just take it home with you!

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