Rimonim Art Gallery is pleased to announce “Organic and Tangible”, a two-woman exhibition featuring artworks by Marta Ares and Montserrat Urgell. The exhibition, organized by Pamela Gowland, will be open from October 23rd to November 13th, 2014. The opening reception will be held Thursday October 23rd from 6 to 9:30 pm.

This will be the first show of Ares and Urgell at our gallery and an introduction of these two Argentinean artists to the Miami art scene. Both artists are coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina to introduce their unusual dialogue to the spectators of the exhibition.

Marta Ares – an acknowledged pioneer in video art – seduces the audience with a fusion of shape, color and music. Her videos and abstract photographs invite the spectator to escape reality for a fleeting moment and indulge the senses in an almost psychedelic encounter evoking a “happening” of the ‘60s counterculture.

Urgell creates powerful formal compositions as a means of conveying a cheerful and energetic message. Her paintings are almost sculptural with their careful modulations of color and intricate, detailed layers of lines that cause the painted forms to appear to emerge from the canvas. Adding to the sense of three-dimensionality is the shallow impasto matrix of precise brushstrokes that comprise the elaborate lines.

The vibrant works of both artists pulsate with an infectious spirit that makes sharing the gallery with them an invigorating experience.

In the words of the curator Mariano Le Vatte:

“The works of Marta Ares implicitly invite us to both observe and dance. Her art forms certainly encourage a diverse precognition of what knowledge and emotion entail, and what it actually feels like to know that you are face to face with an amorphous blob filled with color and meaning. When we lay eyes on her large photographs and videos of unmistakable character, the first thing that comes to mind is the sphere of a microscope, a “bacterial colony of happiness.” We witness an epiphany where the topos, or basic concept, verges on an area of organic light that is able to recreate the dispersion and contour of these color-filled blobs in a concrete, functional compositional context, never exempt from their dynamic vigor.

The mural painting of Montserrat Urgell can be seen as analogous to the vibrato, that effect or technique used by singers and musicians to add expression to vocal and instrumental music that is characterized by the regular pulsating change of pitch or frequency. In Urgell’s case, this takes form as irradiation of light and color invoked by the shapes that pile up against each other as an unequivocal symptom of anxiety and the urgency of life.”

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