After 18 years abroad- 14 years in Dublin-I have come back to Kyoto. I have found the light, colours and sounds again and the river flows the same as in my childhood.

This year in Kyoto I have been moving from place to place to continue painting. To do painting is the happiest time in my life. I paint inside the room where I live so my studio travels with me. And each time I move, my paintings change just a little bit. I will settle into a new studio this Christmas, but will move again some day. If I move country, if I come back to Ireland, it will just be moving room. I still have so many things to paint.

Since I left Dublin last summer I’ve been thinking about ‘room’ as some abstract meaning like space, time and place. I would like to put the title ‘room’ for my exhibition. - Makiko Nakamura

Makiko Nakamura (b 1951) is an abstract painter with an international reputation who left her homeland to work first in Paris, the US and then Dublin drawn by her interest in Samuel Beckett.Her finely worked abstract paintings are based on the meditative repetition and erasure of grid like structures and are distinguished by a highly burnished, reflective surface.