Schema Projects, in collaboration with Brooklyn Collage Collective, is proud to present Lorem ipsum, a group exhibition of 10 emerging artists, working and living in Brooklyn.

Lorem ipsum refers to the ubiquitous filler text used in publishing and graphic design as a placeholder for other content. Once belonging to a larger text by Cicero, this meaningless string of Latin words is now iconic and recognizable in its own right. Decontextualized, cut-up and re-appropriated, the phenomenon of Lorem ipsum is analogous to the strategies and elements of collage utilized by the artists in this show.

Exhibiting artists include

Lizzie Gill, Claire Lachow, Morgan Lappin, Jon Legere, Miguel Libarnes, Kieran Madden, Elise Margolis, Jay Riggio, Jacqueline Silberbush & Richard Vergez.

The exhibition is curated by Kara Brooks.

About the Brooklyn Collage Collective

BCC is a group of collage artists from Brooklyn and the surrounding area. The BCC hosts quarterly exhibitions and releases publications in collaboration with sponsors Squarespace and X-acto. The collective officially began in 2013 with the mission to bring attention to the medium of collage and collage artists. The collective displays a wide rand of materials and styles. The BCC is currently working with Collage Collective Co., based out of Australia, on a publication featuring 30 artists in the Brooklyn area that will be released in early 2015. Past BCC shows include: Armature Art Space, Brooklyn Fireproof and Bushwick Open Studios.