A solo exhibition by London based artist Emma Broughton, showcasing figurative sculpture. This exhibition centres around animal studies which appear tactile and retain a sense of the work in progress.

Cat Amongst the Pigeons focuses on recent work, drawings, and sculpture in cement, stone and bronze, a flock of ciment fondu pigeons, a wax fly and a giant bronze turkey.

Emma says “As a figurative sculptor, my work is observational whilst expressing conceptual ideas. By trying to capture the fleeting expressions and essence of these animals I hope to generate human empathy for even the most ordinary of living beings. I try to convey vitality in my work through the use of texture and form, whilst embracing the developments that occur by chance in the process of making. An ongoing project is the drawing, modelling and casting in cement of pigeons, en masse they appear unremarkable but each one is individual.”

Emma is a graduate of Brighton University and of the City & Guilds of London Art School. Her work has been exhibited previously at the Society of Portrait Sculptors and at the Mall Galleries in last year’s Threadneedle Prize exhibition.