The exhibition “Gardens of Compromises” will feature 17 works by artist Maria Agureeva, mostly exhibiting for the first time. Apart from the new ones, there will be works from the projects “Those Females that Spoil our Infinite” and “Faster! Higher! Stronger! Commodification”.

The works in fact reflect one aspect paradox of the modern perception of reality. A man comes to the world with a solid perception of his nature and harmonious unity of “my body”, “my personality”, “my thoughts” and “my actions”. During the social experience his perception breaks into separate pieces of body, personality, thoughts, and other fragments. The contemporary world is not ready to accept a person as an organic whole, but only "in pieces". A man has to adapt while losing something very important - the "wholeness."

Maria Agureeva: “I bypassed the reality where ‘the world belongs to men’ into the reality with a relative balance in the gender question: ‘a woman can realize herself by manipulating men, using false promises as the counterfeit currency, and men are ready to accept this kind of payment’ — this is the fragile system of modern social lift for women. But the world is rapidly changing, the men are becoming more feminine, that transforms the women. It is a very interesting subject for me to follow and to work with".