Sketches and graphics by Lyudmila can be presented as a city diary with various characters and situations. “To make it in time!” is the fifth solo exhibition of the young graphic artist with a rich biography: hitchhiking around the world, apprenticeship in the studios of animation director Ivan Maximov, famous Cheboksary illustrator Igor Ulangin, master of linocuts and woodcuts Yuri Bashkirtsev and the guru of etchings Pavel Tatarnikov.

Today Ludmila Lunts has her own students and teaches her own course of watercolor painting. The present exhibition features a series of large-format linocuts. Most of them are dedicated to the artist’s teachers and masterminds, such as Salvador Dali, who was born on the same day as the artist.

Lunts says: “I’m making it in time. I can’t stop the war or cancel the winter. But when they come, I'll steal their takes. End of the world will not affect my works. Some may think it’ll perish too. Nonsense! If they try to draw something themselves, they’ll realize that the painted is immortal! It is impossible to understand without trying, but all the artists know it, and I am not an exception. Success is in succession of life! So I wish you success too!”