Galerie Eric Mouchet presents the exhibition We Are One by Alexander Gorlizki 11 December 2014 until 24 January 2015.

Surreal, undecipherable, unimaginable, the paintings of Alexander Gorlizki are powerful for their formidable iconographic repertoire. Press cuttings, Victorian tool catalogues alongside South-East Asian textile patterns and details of Broderie Anglaise lace meet Indian aesthetics. The boundless imagination of Gorlizki associates eclectic forms in his poetic compositions with an abundance of symbols and absurd associations.

Conceived by Gorlizski in his studio in Brooklyn, New York some of these oeuvres were worked on during several years, due to trips back and forth between Jaipur and New York. The effect is that you have the feeling you have met the master of minatures himself, Riyaz Uddin the Indian artist who Alexander Gorlizki opened a studio with in Jaipur, India. Today, many artisans, each a master of their speciality, create incredible pieces within the purest tradition of Indian miniatures.

“The exhibitions of Alexander Gorlizki are always made up of a mosaic of works on varied themes, figurative or abstract. As each gouache is an unexpected association of themes and motifs, each exhibition is equally one work that makes up the bigger whole. A hybrid of inspirations, a pictorial and physical mosaic of which the artist alone has decided on the composition”. - Eric Mouchet