The 6th Street Container in Little Havana will feature "Postcards - Resemblance in a state of Disappearance", a new series of works by Isabel Gouveia, opening November 21. She recently earned her MFA from Florida Atlantic University, and offers an interpretation of the entropic condition known as “heat death”.

Gouveia brings her extensive experience in printmaking, painting and photography, which began in her homeland of Brasil, to new levels of interpretation that simultaneously embrace aesthetic and subvert traditional process.

Her interest in repurposing industrial designs has also led Gouveia to an examination of the consumer culture in general, using its’ byproducts as lyrical commentary on the self-destructive nature of our pursuit of creature comforts.

This most recent body of work defaces and dismembers postcards and discarded photo scrapbooks in a move towards her vision of the entropic endgame, hastened by the hand of man. Iconic landmarks are stripped of their identity as Gouveia settles them into their new state of equilibrium, resigned to be anonymous shells of their former selves.