Artisan is celebrating the festive season with a Christmas ‘Cornucopia’. This December the gallery’s Christmas pop-up presents a fantastic line-up of local artists to provide you with bespoke and handcrafted gift ideas. Step away from the mass produced and shop local for those unique and individual presents that are as special as the person receiving them. artisan is also taking part in Shop Local Day on Saturday 6th December

Brian Cuthbertson

Early retirement has enabled Brian to indulge his interests in music and art. Recently Brian had his first solo exhibition at Atelier Gallery in Leigh-on-Sea. His current work depicts the 'spines' of vinyl album covers, painted to reflect their age and use. Based on the premise that "...big is better..." the spines are painted five or six times larger than life-size. Thus the height of these paintings can be approximately 6ft. to 7ft. framed. An interactive catalogue is available to view on Brian's website.

Annie Eastham

Annie will present a classic collection of meticulous small-scale pieces of jewellery continuing with her theme of inspiration by the natural world. This show includes new organic forms reflecting her passion for plant life, as well as some of her classic designs. Each piece is minutely and carefully handcrafted. Annie sells mainly in the US and artisan is thrilled to have her back for ‘Cornucopia’.

Theresa Edwards

After a career in animation Theresa turned her attention to ceramics using classic animation techniques such as stencilling and layering to produce a stunningly original range of colourful and intensely decorated ceramic tableware and decorative pieces. Theresa's individual style has means her fan base is growing with each collection.

Becca Elliot

Local artist Becca Elliott has designed a range of simple but beautiful black and white ceramics which are perfect for that special festive gift. She is also exhibiting some of her latest lino cut prints which are full of colour and gentle humour.

Josephine Florent

Working with Dichroic glass and sterling silver Josephine has created a wonderful collection of jewellery that is a 'must have'. The colours in each piece. Change with the light and enhance any garment they are worn with. Josephine's talent for catching the trend comes from her experience as one of London's top fashion models.

Maria Kemp

Maria was born in Sweden but lives and works in London. She was a fashion model for many years and went on to develop a successful career in nature photography. Her first major exhibition in 2008 has been followed by shows in London and Stockholm. Maria's works in this exhibition are shot on film and digital. She transforms the simple image by enhancing colours using her own creative techniques. All the photographs are hand printed and framed by the artist.

Dan Levy

Danny Levy received an M.A. in printmaking from the Royal College of Art and a B.A. from Ravensbourne College of Art. He has been in many mixed and solo exhibitions. Dan is currently working in oil pastel and mixed media, concentrating on still life and landscapes.

Mick Lindberg

Born in Sweden in 1950, Mick learned the art of needlework from her mother and grandmother. Throughout her life, her passion for textiles and fashion has influenced her career choices, first as model and photographer, and later as a textile artist. Through her work, she helps to tell the stories of different cultures and keep the art of hand stitching alive for future generations. For ‘Cornucopia’ Mick is showing her African collection inspired by her time in Tanzania. These stunning panels makes this a very colourful Christmas.

Glenda Luke

Glenda’s childhood was surrounded by dressmaking, knitting and crochet. Her mother used to make all her dresses for special occasions. That influenced and inspired her desire to follow a creative path. Designing a range of children’s knitwear took Glenda back to her early days of yarn and fabric. The collection she is presenting for ‘Cornucopia’ shows her bold use of colour and the element of fun she introduces into the designs. Glenda is currently designing her own range of Yoga wear.

Lynn Moulding

Lynn's happy animals are designed to make you smile! Her aim is to capture the natural features and characteristics of the animals combined with comical expressions and simple lines. It's a pleasure to work with such a cute subject matter and a never ending project as there are so many animals out there to draw! She hopes they make you smile too!

Racheal Parfitt

By day, Rachael designs and illustrates children's books for an international publisher, but in her free time she gets her greatest pleasure from creating original graphic and illustrative works. A trained calligrapher, Rachael has exhibited at several venues around London.

Mary Pritchard

Mary will be featuring prints from her very successful show ‘Under the Microcope’. For those of you who did not get to see the exhibition you now have an opportunity to purchase some of her amazing images of bugs and cyanotypes taken from the original laboratory slides which belonged to her mother Olive Aykroyd whose career in Zoology was the foundation for Mary’s recent exhibition.

Richard Tilbury

Richard creates glasswork which is truly unique in design. For this exhibition he has created a new glass collection. Along with his funky Christmas tree decorations and beautiful bowls to grace any room, Richard has expanded his range to include small glass bowls, each very different and exquisite making them perfect gifts. He also promises a few surprises!

Sabi Westoby

Textile artist Sabi will return to artisan to take part in the Christmas show 'Cornucopia'. Her new range of notebooks with re-usable textile covers make perfect accessories and bring a touch of art and class to a working day. The range will include her fabulous and unique reversible bowls!! Alongside these will be Sabi’s stunning quilts featured in Dorling Kindersley new publication ‘Quilting’ which will also be available.

This pop-up is the perfect Christmas Cornucopia.