Bertrand Delacroix Gallery is excited to announce our Winter Collective Part I, which will introduce Spanish painter Jorge Pombo to the gallery.

We are thrilled to add Pombo (b. 1973, Barcelona) to our roster of contemporary international artists. Pombo creates colorful cityscapes that play with perspective and layering. The show will also include new art by Joseph Adolphe, new watercolors by Elizabeth Allison, abstract pieces by Jorge Enrique and sculptures by Beth Carter.

Our newest artist, Jorge Pombo, began drawing as a young child and completed his first painting at the age of 20. By age 24, he was painting professionally and in 2000, Pombo had his first solo show in Barcelona. Since then, he has had 18 solo shows and dozens of group exhibitions in countries across Europe, including Spain, Switzerland and Italy. Pombo has traveled to Greenland, Mexico, Siberia, Tibet, India and many other countries to observe the cultural differences and find subjects for his works. Pombo uses photographs of cities to inspire his works but his paintings are solely oil on canvas. He often incorporates several scenes from various cities layered on top of one another to draw comparisons between the metropolises. On these unusual, layered cityscapes, Pombo states:

“Struggle of opposites could synthesize my goals in artistic terms. That’s why I mix different cities that I have visited, New York, Paris, Trondheim, Venice, Istanbul, Mumbai, Rome… forcing images to share the space of the canvas being opposites, different histories, behaviors… and not mixing them, one can still read both images separately…. In every painting you are watching two (sometimes 3) images of buildings, filled with many little stories of people but I never paint people. So they are about human footprints without anecdotes.”

The gallery will stay open late on Thursday, December 18 to welcome the new artist.