Hillsboro Fine Art presents an exhibition by Irish artist Patrick Hall (1920-2014).

Patrick Hall is a man who has always loved to travel, experience and immerse himself in other cultures. These journeys often take him to remote parts of the world, but more importantly are the markers on his own life journey.

In recent years he has been spending a few months at a time in a remote artist’s retreat in Thailand. Much of the body of work that forms this exhibition was made while there, using whatever materials he could source locally.

Other larger canvases based on Hall’s experience there were painted at his isolated studio in north Sligo. These are striking images, charged with symbolic reference and universal relevance that reveal much about the artist’s own development as both person and painter.

“Painting is always a form of communication. We're not painting in a vacuum. We're painting because we're a member of the human race and this is our deepest way of communication and of receiving response. It's deeper than any other; it's deeper than sex; it's deeper than speaking; it's deeper than thought, because it is beyond thought. It is actually physical, and it's the physicality of the painting which connects me to other people, not just the painting, but its being. It's a mutual acknowledgement of our common physicality and fate. but the viewer is a kind of limited word in painting, because a painting views the viewer as much as the viewer views the painting.” (Patrick Hall from an interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist)