‘Scarlett captures the richness and might of the sea like no other. Her work is breath taking.’ Clare Francis, British Yachtswoman, Best-selling Novelist.

Hay Hill Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent works by Scarlett Raven. Scarlett conceives of her paintings as allied to sculpture and collage: an emphasis on three-dimensionality provides an underlying sense of continuity among works that are diverse and vibrant in style. Essential to achieving this unique aesthetic is the gradual accumulation of oil paint in thick layers, which the artist compares to skin. To lift these layers off would be to discover many stories, paths and images which Scarlett has explored in the making of each work. ‘My paintings have a narrative, a beginning and end.’ [Raven]

Paintings from this series have evolved alongside the artist for up to five years. As such, they chart Scarlett’s progression as a painter, conveying much of the artist’s experience – both the action and movement inherent in the creation process, together with her personal development – yet her paintings hold something back, enticing the viewer. For Scarlett Raven, painting is ‘a very physical, rough, passionate process’ and offers the artist a therapeutic means of expression.

In FLIGHT, the artist strives to regain ‘that pure, uninhibited, unpretentious expression all children naturally have.’ [Raven] Her simplistic lines and bold, vivid colours, often used in a complementary scheme, are immediately reminiscent of such purity, suggesting a return to truer values. This approach is also reflected in her choice of subject matter: Scarlett continues to examine the essence of human emotions and nature, where honesty reigns.

About the artist
Scarlett Raven was born in London in 1986. She began painting at the age of four and went on to study at the prestigious Central Saint Martins. At just twenty one, in the second year of her BA in Fine Art, Scarlett became one of the youngest artists ever to have a solo exhibition on Cork Street. From the outset, her career as a professional artist has been marked by significant media attention – she has been hailed as ‘the future’ by David Lenigas. Collectors of her work include Orlando Bloom, Lord Jonathan Marland and Take That.

Scarlett’s passion for music has allowed her to reach a wider audience by producing album artwork. Since designing the cover for the fundraising record ‘The Beautiful Game’, released by musician Billy Franks for Prince Harry’s Senetable charity, Scarlett has become a firm supporter of the charity that Harry established with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, which raises money for vulnerable children in the Mountain Kingdom.

Selected Exhibitions
2009 Paddington Underground
2009 “PAINT”, The Print House Gallery, London
2009 “Presenting the top 100”, Brighton Festival, Brighton
2009 “Project Hope”, HIV/AIDS Exhibition & Auction, Montreal
2009 “The Seduction of Paint”, Rollo Contemporary Art, London
2008 “Khulla Dhoka – The Open Door Exhibition: Nepalese and British Contemporary Art”, The Royal Overseas League, London
2008 “CSM Fine Art BA Degree show”, Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design
2008 Gaunt Gallery, Somerset
2007 “Oversubscribed”, Lorem Ipsum Gallery, London,
2007 “Seascapes”, Petley Fine Art, London
2007 “Nature vs. Man”, The Troubadour Gallery, London
2007 “NUDE”, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London

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