The Boundary Gallery which closed three years ago, is still actively involved in the art world, mostly showing at Art Fairs. However, for one week at the beginning of February, Agi Katz will be showcasing her collection at Highgate Contemporary Art in the middle of Highgate Village from 3rd until 7th February.

In its twenty five year history, the Boundary Gallery has concentrated on two schools of painting : Modern British (1900 - 1950) and Contemporary Figurative Art.

Some key names from the Modern British Artists’ collection include David Bomberg, Horace Brodzky, Jacob Epstein, Jacob Kramer, Bernard Meninsky, Alfred Wolmark. There will be some lesser known but surprisingly talented artists including Eva Frankfurther, Henryk Gotlb, Scottie Wilson and Olga Lehmann, to mention but a few.

The other area of interest has been figurative contemporary art and the Boundary Gallery has promoted Paul Bloomer, David Breuer-Weil, Sonia Lawson RA, Davina Jackson, Neil MacPherson, Ana Maria Pacheco, Albert Louden and Peter Prendergast, the hugely talented Welsh landscape painter who sadly died in 2007.

The works selected are figurative with strong composition; with something to say; good draughtsmanship and a brilliant palette, qualities that the Boundary Gallery firmly believes in and promotes.

Included in this unique show are many personal and forgotten treasures. Searching through drawers and cupboards, Agi rediscovered work which until now haven’t been shown in many years. There will be works that, up to now, have formed part of the Boundary Gallery’s personal collection which Agi had no plans to part with but has decided that it was time to share.

Museums that have purchased from the gallery include the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Milwaukee City Gallery, the British Museum, Imperial War Museum in London, Ferens Art Gallery in Hull, Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Jewish Museum in New York.