The Doorway Gallery is delighted to host an exhibition by Hugh Frazer called ‘Connect' on Thursday, February 5th between 6-8pm on 24 South Frederick Street. The exhibition will be officially opened by David S. Cook, former Lord Mayor of Belfast and will run until February 26th.

The paintings in this exhibition are meditations on the inter connectedness of things. In making these still life’s what interests me is not so much the individual objects but how each gains meaning and value through its connection with other objects. Developing each painting is a search to find a composition where the whole becomes something that is more and different from the individual parts and which satisfies me aesthetically and emotionally. The fact that the paintings are based on objects that I have acquired or have been given to me by family and friends over many years adds meaning to them. Of course, the paintings are also, as in my urban landscapes, an examination of the impact of light on the side of structures and how that connects and brings them alive. At another level the paintings are an exploration of the essentially abstract nature of painting. They are a search for a combination and balance of shapes, and tones and colors that reflect and distil my feelings and emotions." - Hugh Frazer