Erarta Galleries London in collaboration with FashionTV is delighted to present The Mind Parasites by young artist Olga Lomaka. Lomaka is widely known as an established artist and respected as an art and fashion presenter and commentator for FashionTV. Having studied painting practice extensively, Lomaka continues to experiment with and develop her own technique and style through a mix of pop art and surrealism.

The exhibition combines social critique with exploration of psychological and scientific ideas. Comprising ten paintings, the show critically and methodically examines a whole range of concerns affecting our globalised world. The artist’s chief goal is to explore the possibilities of purging one’s consciousness of various ‘viruses’. Such negative assaults bring about a gradual dulling of the consciousness, which in turn leads to disintegration of the physical body and fragmenting of personality.

Lomaka attempts to establish links between these so-called ‘parasitic representations’ in human consciousness through the feelings and emotions of the viewer. What or who are these parasites exactly? Are they the viral character of today’s mass culture that litters our brains? Or perhaps mass media induced mental states prompting people to act against their will and better judgement? By means of allegorical images and associations, Lomaka’s forests can represent the inner workings of one’s consciousness; the trees symbolise thoughts, and the protagonists act as symbols of ‘parasites’ or ‘viruses.’

“Each work transports the viewer into the innermost facet of their psyche, revealing both the conscious and the unconscious responses of each person to a particular image. The manner of execution resembles that of stage designs; expressive contrasting colour palettes, precise and confident brushstrokes, carefully chosen compositions – all serve a clear artistic purpose.” - Julia Ostrovskaya, Art Critic

Lomaka’s artwork is akin to an experiment. The psychological, visual and mental works are propelling the viewers into an altered state of consciousness, leading them towards the insights and startling discoveries about themselves and the meaning of life. Indeed, art allows us to enter into a profound dialogue with one’s own inner self and to master one’s own life through awareness. To understand oneself and the world, whilst simultaneously striving to fulfil one’s highest creative ideas; this is the ultimate mission of the artist’s project.