Over four weeks, the exhibition presents a hybrid of installation, painting and performance art; the latter element being the creation of the art itself directly on the gallery walls in his carefully constructed chaotic style - an entrancing event well-worth witnessing.

Harmon’s work merges street art and technology: from his vibrant paintings on buildings, often produced with fire extinguishers; to artwork online and in print. Much of Harmon’s printed pieces reflect society’s addiction to digital technology and its constant manipulation in the fragmented shards and imagery reminiscent of computer graphics.

“As a painter I find myself in a practice that is shamanic in nature, centred on movement and gesture in a dance with the materials I am working with. I tend to paint “through” a space in a way that defines my work as a record of such movement” - RSH

“To me colour is like an alchemical property. Mixed and distilled into an improvisational dance of gesture and movement. Painting is a physical state, one in which the body channels energy through the liquid onto the surface. A martial way of being like tai-chi”

Born in Detroit, now residing in the London’s East End, RSH grew up around the rail roads of the rust belt, where his organic education in graffiti began at a young age. Harmon’s artistic career boasts an ever-growing variety of techniques and ideologies, all the while spreading globally in the form of his architectural-scale paintings. His largest to date is the exterior of a five storey, 4000sqft food bank in Lower Silesia, Poland, though perhaps his best known, is the Lord Napier pub for the Hackney Wicked art festival in 2013