Zabludowicz Collection is pleased to announce the first UK exhibition by Brooklyn-based emerging artists’ cooperative The Still House Group. Founded in 2007 by artists Isaac Brest and Alex Perweiler as an online platform, The Still House Group has grown to become a multi-faceted, innovative and self-supporting artist-led organisation. Still House now consists of eight permanent members and one rotating artist in residence.

Part of this year’s annual Testing Ground for Art and Education season, the exhibition offers a snapshot of the group as a model of artist-led institution that regularly hosts residencies and exhibitions by artists from their continually extending network, alongside the facilitation and promotion of work by its key members. The exhibition seeks to present the scope of the group’s activities and the breadth of individual artists’ practices.

In the 19th century chapel space of the Zabludowicz Collection, visitors will encounter recent paintings and sculptures by key members of The Still House Group – Isaac Brest, Nick Darmstaedter, Louis Eisner, Jack Greer, Brendan Lynch, Dylan Lynch, Alex Perweiler and Zachary Susskind. The selected works reflect individual investigations into the role and construction of contemporary art through an often irreverent use of materials. New site-specific sculptural interventions by Zachary Susskind will frame the space, playing with perceptions of the tension and weight of everyday materiality.

Works by former Still House residency artists Alex Ito, Haley Mellin, Dominic Samsworth, Peter Sutherland and Brad Troemel occupy the middle gallery and variously examine the circulation and economy of images and their narrative capacity.

For the back gallery of the Collection’s space, artists Joe Graham-Felsen, Andrew Gbur and former residency artist Augustus Thompson have been invited to work together on a new project. The artists have chosen to respond to the architecture and history of the building with an ambitious immersive installation.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a new publication featuring specially commissioned contributions by all of the exhibiting artists and an interview with The Still House Group co-founder Isaac Brest and exhibition curators Maitreyi Maheshwari and Tiffany Zabludowicz.

Exhibiting artists: Isaac Brest, Nick Darmstaedter, Louis Eisner, Andrew Gbur, Joe Graham-Felsen, Jack Greer, Alex Ito, Brendan Lynch, Dylan Lynch, Haley Mellin, Alex Perweiler, Dominic Samsworth, Zachary Susskind, Peter Sutherland, Augustus Thompson and Brad Troemel.

Curated by Maitreyi Maheshwari and Tiffany Zabludowicz