“Amongst the best holograms I have seen in the context of aesthetic values (though I could mention many more) are those by the British artist Jeff Robb[…]. His holograms of abstract landscapes, are to my eye perfectly aesthetic objects”. Chris Titterington, Curator of the Department of Prints and Photographs and Designs, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1995.

This summer, Hay Hill Gallery is proud to announce an exhibition by the British artist Jeff Robb, returning to the London scene after a recent solo show in New York and debut exhibitions in India and Hong Kong.

As a lenticular photographer, Robb looks at three-dimensional image-making from an intriguing perspective, whether exploring the human form or abstract art. Liminal States presents work across four different series: Eidolon, Aerial, Othersides and Macroland.

This exhibition offers an original approach to photographic studies of the nude figure. Of his pioneering figurative work, Robb comments that his figures “flicker in and out of virtual space as the viewer’s position shifts in front of the work”. His lenticular prints produce an illusion of both depth and movement as the viewer adjusts their field of vision before the work.

The upper gallery will feature a selection of nude studies and figurative works, never previously seen. Colourful semi-abstract works from Robb’s latest series Eidolon and underwater lenticular photographs from the Arial series are shown alongside striking monochrome compositions featuring multiple moving figures in cellular structures made by Robb himself. The lower gallery will comprise a series of intensely coloured abstract works from the artist’s Macroland series.

Robb seeks to depict his nude subjects between different states of being, as if the image plane is a frontier between one state of being and another. He goes to extraordinary lengths in achieving his images, exploring the effects of the forces of nature - gravity, light and magnetism – on his subject. The ‘Eidolon’ and ‘Aerial’ series in particular demonstrate Robb's urge to break new ground in his work. The resulting breath-taking images transcend the physical world.

Jeffrey Robb was born in 1965 and is a London based artist, whose work is produced in the form of cast optical structures - moving images derived from his photography, computer graphics, film and video. Previously he has worked in the mediums of holographic stereograms, transmission and reflection holograms and laser light installations.

Robb comes from a notably niche educational background having studied botany at Leeds University, he also holds a M.A with distinction in holography from the Royal College of Arts and has been awarded a Darwin Scholar.

Known for his spectacular 3D photography of The Queen and Grace Jones, Jeffrey lists a prestigious array of exhibitions and collections across the world as well as commissions for Harrods, BMW and Thomas Cook. Jeffrey’s work has also gained much media coverage and he is artist of residence for the Eden Project in Cornwall. Further to Jeffrey’s impressive portfolio, he was offered a Fellowship of The Royal Photographic Society for his collection ‘Naked Singularity’.