The Little Black Gallery is proud to present in association with World Wide Women "As the king is not humble, may the humble be king!" by Iris Della Roca. This is Iris Della Roca's debut London solo show.

In 2009, photographer Iris Della Roca moved to Rio, Brazil and start living in the favela of Rocinha. There she worked for a NGO with kids and built a special bound with them.

As she considers photography a collaborative art, she began a project where the kids could express their unique personality and show who they really are, far from social membership and cliché. She asked the question: "How do you want to be seen by others?"

Each child poses in their own way, some imagine themselves as movie stars, others as models of glamorous fashion magazines or fairytale characters.

Iris Della Roca, 29, works and lives between France and Brazil. She grew up on her dad's boat, moving from place to place giving her the joy of not being attached to anyone. She chooses photography as her medium as it is connected to reality and permits interaction with others. She needs to tell true stories, about people and their realities, seeking for hope and poetry, in everyone’s intimity.

Iris Della Roca is part of World Wide Women, a creative collective of female photographers and artists from around the world. World Wide Women represents the free, indomitable spirit of women in the world of art today.