Magda Danysz gallery presents from February 21st to April 4th the exhibition Sleeping Beauty. This event shows together the artists of the gallery through a selection of emblematic works. Magda Danysz met ici en vis-à-vis des oeuvres d’art plurielles allant des sculptures de Prune Nourry aux oeuvres sur papier de VHILS ou aux photographies de Peikwen Cheng.

Sleeping Beauty is built up as a "vis à vis" of artworks that dialogue one with the other. The inherent power laying in each particular artwork, their inner meaning and underlying significations is something the Sleeping Beauty show aims at focusing on. Each artwork is presented in a "face à face" with another artwork. The choice of each of these one to one dialogues is made to accentuate the power of each artpiece. One will revolve around the idea of power with Zhang Dali's "Second History" painting and Ma Kang's "Forbidden city - Chairman Mao" photograph. In another part of the show one will discover Prune Nourry's artistically enhanced "Hand Machine" facing swiss artist Christian Gonzenbach industrial chicken sculpture. Human creative intelligence sometimes morphs into a mechanical hybrid evolution many artists point out in their works. This sleeping power/beauty is also at stake in Shepard Fairey's propaganda imagery showcased through an extensive collection of his prints. What lays behind these marketed images is also the paradox of our societies.

Beyond the powerful reflections she created between the works, Sleeping Beauty is also an opportunity to discover a wide collection of screenprints by Shepard Fairey. Through the posters of this American star of street-art, his favorite themes are highlighted. The artist refers in particular to Soviet propaganda both in architectural views and in stylized portraits of soldiers.

This exhibition shows the works in a new way. Sleeping Beauty highlights the vivacity and depth of the consideration of the artists while it creates powerfull links between them.