The Cultural Centre "PuNKt" was open on the February 20th in the renovated space (in the occasion of this exhibition) of the former House of the Army in Nikšić.

Left to oblivion, the House of the Yugoslav People's Army, at least for a few hours had its former glory back. Once it was a centre of cultural events with its multifunctional hall, where were held theatre performances, events and poetry evenings. The owner of the House of the Army was the Municipality of Nikšić since 2007, which had promised to give the object to the use of cultural institutions. The promise was never fulfilled.

The organizers of the evening were Informal Group of Citizens (IGC) Tunjel and NGO Civis Diversus which gathered young, creative people who want to develop their own city. As a part of the evening, they organized an exhibition of paintings, photographs, sculptures of Niksic’s artists (Zdravko Delibašić, David Delibašic, Milka Delibaić, Radomir Milic, Marko Petrovic Njegoš, Petar Babić, Marija Vemić, Ilija Nikčević, Marko Janjušević, Miloš Zvicer). They also presented a short experimental film and installations by Nikola Simanić.

In addition to the local bands Mangrove and Manitou, the music program was completed with the winners of last-year’s Guitar Art Fest in Zaječar, progressive post-rock band Holographic Human Element from Travnik. Manitou band who performed last had the best audience reaction, whose song "Concrete" became a hit, not only in Nikšić, but also in other Montenegrin towns. The dance continued with the songs "My Way" and "Wake Up". Mangrove band, that opened the musical part of the program, in addition to their songs, performed the song ”Love Hate Love” by the grunge band Alice In Chains, ”Angel“ by the Massive Attack, ”Nevena“ by the band Jawy Sabatay.

The rockers from Travnik took the audience with their great experimental sound on a journey to "their own self" as it says in the description of the band's official site. "She Got Lost In Paris", "Above The Clouds", "Brave New World" led the minds of present to different places of the Universe.

The opening started at 7 pm with an exhibition attended by numerous guests. Artistic Director Zdravko Delibašić and Executive Director of the NGO Civis Diversus were satisfied with the response of the audience, even though, as they said, a large number of visitors were expected.

Milena Gezović, who is a member of NGO Tunjel and one of the initiators of the campaign, said that the future actions and projects of NGOs will bring back the rightful place of Niksic in the culture of Montenegro.

Further information and Photo Source: PuNKt Facebook page