‘2015’ is the first collaborative exhibition by students at Queen Mary University working as the Visual Arts Collective. For many of the artists involved, this will be the first time their work has been exhibited.

The exhibition comprises of photography, painting, print, illustration, video and sculptural works, representing the broad range of artistic practice within the university. There is no art department at Queen Mary, and instead students study and draw inspiration from subjects such as politics, geography, literature, medicine and other sciences and humanities resulting in the diverse show that we are putting on.

The exhibition reflects the breadth of interest and experience within the student body, and we are proud to include projects on international photography, reflections on gender and mental health, political works and aesthetic experiments, amongst individual and group explorations.

We hope that the show will inspire future students to work collaboratively and continue to hold annual exhibitions as we believe that it is important to encourage artistic practice as a part of life, particularly in higher education where it is easily neglected due to the demands of academia.”