Project Row Houses (PRH) is excited to present Round 42: The One and the Many: A Self-Portrait in Seven Parts, guest curated by former PRH/Core fellow Sally Frater. Bringing together the work of artists from Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States, Frater has organized a Round that acts in equal parts as a response to the mission of Project Row Houses and her time spent in residency there, and, by extension, the Third Ward and Houston.

Stemming from her ongoing engagement with notions of site, Round 42 features installations that will collectively explore themes of transience, labor, domesticity, and architecture as they relate to notions of diaspora, class, and community. Additionally, the artists’ works in photography, video, textiles, text, and sculpture will interrogate the representation of blackness as something that is fixed, authentic, and recognizable while engaging with minimalist and conceptualist practices.

Round 42 draws its main title from Grant Kester’s book The One and the Many, in which the author critically examines the politics of relational aesthetics and other participatory art practices. In this context, Frater references PRH’s engagement with participatory and community-based artistic expression, the interdependency of curator/artist relations, and the reliance on artistic production to facilitate curatorial practice. The subtitle, A Self-Portrait in Seven Parts, acknowledges that both artists’ and curators’ practices stem from their own specific subject positions, and experiences.

Participating artists include Alexandre Arrechea, Erika DeFreitas, Delio Delgado, Nathaniel Donnett, Kenya Evans, Ayanna Mccloud, and Nicole Miller.