From Formula One to Bristol Zoo, artist Paul Oz is never afraid to tackle memorable subjects having painted all creatures from a life-size elephant to the fastest land mammal, Jenson Button. Paul Oz now turns his paint and pallet knife to an entire decade, selecting approximately twenty subjects and taking on the 1980s.

Imitate Modern exclusively present ‘80s KID’, London’s first solo exhibition by Paul Oz.

Paul Oz

Fast becoming the portrait painter of modern times, Paul Oz has made a name for himself with his unique technique, using a pallet knife to carve layers of oil paint on board. This creates 3D paintings that look abstract from close range with the colours and layers merging from further away to form images with a captivatingly lifelike depth. Oz brings life and energy to his subjects, from real life influencers of the 1980s such as Margaret Thatcher to equally important fictional characters such as Yoda.

Paul Oz has not gone unnoticed by art collectors and the subjects of his work, he can be found in the collections of many notable figures including Bernie Ecclestone, Jamie Oliver and Wretch 32. Most recently, Monster Energy Drink generously gifted Lewis Hamilton a portrait of himself for Christmas, and those lucky enough to receive a Christmas card from Jenson Button may have been surprised to see Paul Oz’s portrait of the driver on the front.

The 1980s

A decade of significant political and social change, the ‘80s saw the launch of MTV and figures from Michael Jackson to Margaret Thatcher define a generation. The continuing cultural and historical relevance of the 1980s is evident in the characters that are portrayed in 80s KID. Oz leaves no aspect of the decade unexplored, enabling visitors to step back in time, reminiscence and marvel at all that the 80s contributed to modern society.

Carefully curating the decade, Paul Oz has selected approximately twenty cultural icons to feature in ‘80s KID’ including:

Yoda - tying in seamlessly with the launch of Star Wars at Madame Tussaud’s, Oz turns his palette knife to the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, creating an artwork that uniquely captures the energy of this well-loved character.

Indiana Jones - first hitting the screens in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ in 1981, Jones’ adventures gripped a generation, continuing to do so until this day. Using whips long before Fifty Shades of Grey, Jones singlehandedly made archeology and art history cool, and for this contribution, we salute him.

Mr. T - running throughout the mid 1980s, ‘The A Team’ created a legend of actor Mr T. in his role.

Margaret Thatcher - elected in 1979, Thatcher oversaw a decade from 10 Downing Street. A defining figure of the 1980s, from being the first female Prime Minister to arguably changing the face of British politics forever, Thatcher’s legacy remains a controversial and much debated subject to this day.

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