“A Retrospective 1976 – 1986” of photographic works selected by the artist contains 33 b/w photos, one in colour and 20 polaroids. Photos were shot in Yugoslavia, United States, France, Zambia, and Hungary, but they reflect a very personal and introspective world. Most photos were developed in the artist’s darkroom in Belgrade.

“This installation is about Time” says Vladimir a global nomad and exile from his earliest childhood. “Having the good fortune, to observe life on this planet for over five decades gave me an enormous privilege of being able to compare the past and present, which I see as periods of Modernity and Post-Modernity.”

He sees this Retrospective as the introductory exhibition intended to be a starting point for discussions about the present Post-Modern world of perpetual crisis.

Vladimir Maričić: born in 1958 in Sarajevo. Lives in London. Started photography as a high school student in Lahore, Pakistan. Studied film and photography in the School of Visual Arts – New York City, Columbia College – Chicago, and in Faculty of Dramatic Arts – Belgrade. Exhibited in Space Drama Gallery in New York in 1984. After a period of photographic abstinence, he took up photography again in California and Alaska in 2005.