The gallery Terreno Baldio, Mexico in collaboration with the gallery Barbara Paci, Italy, presents the first exhibition in Mexico by the Italian artist Aron Demetz, with a selection of 22 pieces of his latest work. Aron Demetz lives and works in Val Gardena, , Italy, his sculptural production includes the use of different materials such as marble, bronze, glass, resin and wood mainly.

The exhibition presents different aspects of his work: the constant research of materials and their continuous reflection as a sculptor who updated traditional processes. From his early works developed in the nineties, Demetz rethinks the function of materials and its relationship with nature.

The human figure is the central theme in the production of Aron Demetz. Wood has been the main material in the manufacture of parts and essential element of its aesthetics allowing him to explore the human body transformed through various processes resulting from their research.

Demetz uses different types of wood such as lime, cherry, redwood, fir, poplar, maple and cedar among others. The choice of each also corresponds to the different qualities that can provide: color, grain, blemishes and scars; features that take an important place in his sculptures. Recently in some of his Works he has incorporated natural resin, the use of fire and the intervention of a robot.

The skill that Aron Demetz has in woodcarving is a family heritage and tradition in his hometown dating back to the fifteenth century. Demetz transformed this tradition in a very personal, lyrical and emotional vision, linked to the creative process and reflection.

For the preparation of his sculptures, the artist uses tools such as chainsaws, chisels and axes. During his apprenticeship in Val Gardena, he practiced mechanical forms of production and reproduction of wood carving; the use of machinery in the process became something characteristic. As the curator Alessandro Romanini mentioned "In the work of Demetz the human figure is loaded with a set of strong ethical and existential connotations that are timely and consistently matched by the production process and the tools he uses."

The piece AraCor o L' eco della cenere , 2015 was made specifically for this exhibition at the Terreno Baldío gallery located in the Roma neighborhood. It is an Italian Neoclassical altarpiece of the nineteenth century originally made of wood and covered with gold leaf which the artist recovered and transformed by fire, resignifying both the material and the function of this structure, designed at the time to contain sculpture and religious painting. The contemplation of the work of Aron Demetz allows the viewer to experience various reflections on the known forms and how it leads to new meanings.

Aron Demetz (b. 1972) lives and works Val Gardena, Italy, is a professor at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Carrara. He studied at the Istituto d'Arte di Selva di Val Gardena and the Akademie der Künste Bildenden Nürnberg. He has participated in numerous group and individual shows in museums and galleries in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Vienna, China, among other exhibitions. Demetz's works are part of important international collections, including the Daetz-Centrum Liechtenstein, Germany; the Trauttmansdorff, Merano, Italy; Tattile Museum Statale Omero, Ancona, Italy; Ladin Museum San Martin De Tor, Bolzano, Italy; Palazzo Madama, Rome, among others.